Three Reasons for Cara Delevingne as the brand ambassador of TAG HEUER

Have you heard about Cara Delevingne? Well, she is widely known for being a popular English actress, model, and singer. Apart from having a very successful modeling career, this famous personality is even popular for her glorious acting career too. She is a notoriously free and talented spirit. Well, Cara Delevingne is already famous for being a one-of-a-kind and talented actress cum model. Other than that, she is now having one more recognition i.e. Cara Delevingne has been selected as the latest brand ambassador of TAG HEUER. Needless to mention, TAG HEUER is a globally recognized watch manufacturer that has been producing exceptional timepieces for long. Rest assured that the investment value of TAG HEUER productions is absolutely unquestionable. In this context, if you are now quite keen to know more about this heritage watch brand and their new ambassador, then please quickly check the following sections.

Three Reasons for Cara Delevingne as the brand ambassador of TAG HEUER

Are you now wondering why the brand has selected Cara Delevingne as their feminine ambassador? Well, there are three reasons that prove why Cara Delevingne has been selected as the brand ambassador of TAG HEUER. More details to follow in the below sections.TAG HEUER cara about

i) Indomitable and Inspiring: The two unique qualities of Cara Delevingne are her indomitable and inspiring spirit. That’s why TAG HEUER has chosen this lady to represent their productions among the common public. With her indomitable and inspiring spirit, Cara Delevingne should be capable to represent the brand well in the upcoming future and that’s what the prestigious TAG HEUER brand believes and hopes for.Cara Delevingne Tag Heuer Ads

ii) Disruptive yet Elegant: During a recent interview, the honorary CEO of TAG Heuer (Jean-Claude Biver) had mentioned that the brand was looking for someone who could be both disruptive yet elegant. With this search, the brand finally has found out and selected Cara Delevingne who is not only beautiful, elegant, gorgeous, and classy, but also she is having a fearless and disruptive spirit.Cara Delevingne and TAG HEUER

iii) Boldness and Brashness: The two more interesting qualities about Cara Delevingne are that she is bold and brash. She is an energetic, true spirited, and an extraordinary lady who should be perfectly able to reach out to today’s youth and represent the excellent productions of the TAG Heuer brand. What’s more, this modern actress is an absolute fashion enthusiast and her devoted fan and admirer base definitely likes to follow her incredible fashion styling.

TAG Heuer with the brand ambassador Cara Delevingne and Li Yifeng to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Monaco series!

On October 28, 2019, Swiss avant-garde precision watch brand Tag Heuer launched the fifth new Monaco series limited timepiece in Shanghai and celebrated the 50th birth anniversary of Monaco watch with brand ambassadors Cara Delevingne and Li Yifeng.

TAG Heuer celebrated with a wave of fashion activities, and the event was lively, showing the brand’s avant-garde and trendy design style.

The Monaco watch was born in 1969. Its collection is based on the world-class Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. The bold and iconic design makes it extremely recognizable. It has subverted the traditional watchmaking aesthetics from any aspects, and the design and technology have reached the difficult level of the previous watches. The original TAG Heuer Monaco watch is not only the first square watch in history but also the rare automatic chronograph movement at the time.

The first one: a tribute to the 1970s

This watch features a green dial, brown and yellow elements, and decorated with Geneva stripes. It is matched with a brown leather strap. The hole on the strap has a light brown lining, with a limited production of 169 pieces.

Second: pay tribute to the 1980s

This wristwatch is equipped with a red dial decorated with sun pattern, which shows the bold style of avant-garde and passionate charm. It is matched with a black calfskin strap. “Monaco Heuer” and “1979-1989 special edition” and “one of 169” are engraved on the back of the case.

The third paragraph: a tribute to the 1990s

The industrial style that highlights the steel texture reflects the street style of the last ten years of the 20th century. It adopts a blue and silver look with a vibrant red element. Stainless steel square chronograph with the particle-finished rhodium-plated dial, sandblasted small dial, and blue timer. The dial inner ring and the TAG Heuer logo are in blue, the hour markers and the central second hand are red, and the watch is limited to 169 pieces.

Fourth: pay tribute to the early 21st century

The watch’s stainless steel case has been finely sanded and polished to a diameter of 39 mm and is the perfect size with an iconic Calibre 11 movement. The buttons are located at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock and provide protection against accidental activation or shock. The watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal and a dense bottom. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Section 5: Paying tribute to the 10 years since the opening of the 21st century

The charcoal-gray-radiated sundial with black gold-plated scales showcases the classics of minimalist style and sleek design, while the rhodium-plated dial also presents a sinuous sun effect. In order to be more vivid and eye-catching, the small hands and the central second hand are in bold red, and the dial at 12 o’clock is no exception.

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What? In Order To Sponsor The F1 Racing, Beer Merchant Heineken with TAG Heuer Actually Asked Consumers To Drink Less

The reverse marketing of Heineken wants you to drink less, drink slowly, or even never drink.

The marketing method of any product is to evoke the desire for consumption, and thus stimulate the sales volume. However, Heineken, a Dutch brewer, first cooperated with internationally renowned DJs to promote “slow down, jump a little more”, and then sponsor the F1 event, and want fans to drink less.

Although Heineken is a beer brand, it has always spared no effort in promoting rational drinking. In addition to the global subsidiaries, they must use 10% of the marketing budget every year.
In 2014, Heineken found the world’s first DJ “Armin van Buuren” in the world, and jointly promoted the concept of “Dance More Drink Slow” to make the nightlife more exciting, and drink less will not cause a personal or social burden.

The same propaganda technique continues to the later “Hero”. Through the independent view of modern women, the change of “man will drink is the strong” is the established impression. Drinking drunk is a bear, and rational drinking is a “true hero”, even if The same is true in the night world of feasting.

In 2016, Heineken announced that he would enter Formula One(F1). By becoming a global partner, he upgraded the concept of “slow a little slower” to “If you want to drive, do not drink alcohol”. The revered Scottish F1 driver Sir Jackie Stewart, who has used technology for 50 years, expressed his belief in driving without drinking.

The Heineken classic green bottle can be seen everywhere on the F1 track, but it is covered by a red steering wheel to convey the concept of drinking without driving.

By 2017, when the fans walked into the bloody F1 track, Heineken’s trademark and the highly recognizable green beer bottle were everywhere, but the bottle was covered by a large red steering wheel. Looking from far away, it is like the banner of “anti-Heigen”, and the slogan “When You Drive Never Drink” next to it is impressive and fully fulfills the social responsibility of promoting “drinking without driving”.

TAG Heuer Silverstone CAM2110.FC6258 Watch

In addition to a little humor, this setting also fully demonstrates Heineken’s creativity and boldness. After all, what is more, convincing than the person who sells wine to tell you not to drink and drive? For Heineken, this is undoubtedly controversial and challenging marketing, but the cooperation with the world-class event F1 really helps to open brand awareness in more countries. Together with the two sides will work together to promote anti-drunk driving-related activities, and then bring huge business opportunities and topics, but also continue to promote the concept of rational drinking in an innovative way.

Remind you: Prohibition of drunk driving Overdose is harmful to health

The Accumulation Of History — The Best TAG Heuer Antique Watch For You To Deserve

With the development of the times, the advancement of technology will always bring surprises to people. The use of advanced technology has also given new definitions while improving people’s living standards. Compared with the practical functions of the previous watches, today’s watches are more of a symbol of identity and lifestyle, and more and more professional tools can replace the functions of watches.

However, as a watch, the most basic function is still popular. This is why so many people are keen to collect antique watches. As a rising star, TAG Heuer can always bring amazing people.

Power breakthrough — swing pinion
In 1860, TAG Heuer, a watchmaking town originating in Switzerland, Saint-Imier, was founded by Edouard Heuer. He patented the oscillating pinion in 1887, and the invention of oscillating pinion marks the era of smooth transitional power when the timer is restarted. this is still used in TAG Heuer and other watchmaking brands. It can be seen that TAG Heuer’s contribution to the first chronograph cannot be ignored.

Stainless steel black dial chronograph(1941)

Cooperation and win-win–Caliber 11
In 1969, TAG Heuer and Breitling (and two other watch manufacturers) developed the first self-winding chronograph watch–Caliber 11.
Which brand this watch belongs to is still a controversial topic among collectors.
But one thing is certain – TAG Heuer’s watchmaking history will never be forgotten.
The innovative technology in its watchmaking history, the contribution made in the history of the entire chronograph watch, will never be ignored.

Stainless steel automatic winding chronograph(1970)

Define the classic — Moroccan watch
TAG Heuer produces a wide range of styles for modern collections. For example, original Carrera is the classic definition of a racing chronograph. In 1963, the angle of watch diamond polishing was as fashionable as today. For decades, Autavia’s rounded outer casing and thick black bezel still looks great. After 48 years of production in the first Monaco, it is still the most representative square chronograph watch to date.

Rare PVD coated stainless steel chronograph(1975)

Going forward – racing spirit
Today, while many brands are promoting collaboration with sports celebrities, the practical value of watches in sporting events has long since disappeared. However, this was not the case in the 1950s and 1960s. TAG Heuer has been chosen by many racing teams for long history of chronograph. At the same time, chronograph makes runners have accurate timing tools TAG Heuer Carrera is named after the Mexican road race Carrera Panamericana.

Stainless steel chronograph(1969)

If people talk about the common characteristics of TAG Heuer in history, it is quality. The early Carrera dial were made by a company that made for Rolex ( Rolex now has its own full line). And TAG Heuer chronograph watch is used in professional racing just for its quality.

Exquisite stainless steel chronograph watch(1965)

F1 Four-wheel Drive Match — The Contest Between Speed And Passion, TAG Heuer Tribute Legend: Ayrton Senna

When my sister is on a business trip, her little baby will in my room for pew days, who is very embarrassed, provided that I accompany him to watch cartoon. Then, I spent most of my vacation in the four-wheel drive. I have to say that the car is really magical. For me, who have never studied the car, was actually drawn in it with relish. Then I started the pursuit of the car.

The history about FIA Formula One World Championship

F1 racing full name: FIA Formula One World Championship. It is the world’s most expensive, fastest and most technologically advanced sport. It is the sporty event with the highest commercial value, the most attractive and most attractive to watch. Because of its wide range of influence and high popularity, it is also known as the “World’s Three Major Sports” with the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

The F1 match includes aerodynamics, with the world’s most advanced technology in radio communications and electrical engineering. Many new technologies were first practiced on F1.

F is the abbreviation of FORMULA, which is the equation. 1 has many explanations, which can be understood as top drivers, top events, bonuses and so on. In fact, mathematical equations have no “precise” meaning. Positive solution: Formula means equations in the field of mathematics, which is also the reason for translation errors. In F1, the meaning of the “specification”, that is, the uniform size of the car, as for the highest level, it has the name F1.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Tourbillon and Carrera Calibre HEUER02 Automatic Chronograph watches

TAG Heuer always had a close relationship with motorsport, and two special edition timepieces have been launched for the tribute F1 legend, Ayrton Senna(the departure of Ayrton Senna was a loss for F1 and the fanatical racing fans. I can’t see the wonderful competition anymore. This myth should only be played over and over again in memory.), in the TAG Heuer Carrera watches. TAG Heuer has matured its racing-style watch design, and both of the timepieces are dressed in red and racing styles.

Ayrton Senna

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Perhaps the website’s most prized possession is the proven replica Tag Heuer lineup that boasts famous models known far and wide. Making them so popular is the excellent Swiss chorography residing at their core that literally makes everything tick with utmost precision and long term reliability. Given that this brand is ideally built for a sporting lifestyle, the series incorporates models virtually unaffected by rigorous vibrations from involving routines thereby ensuring great robustness. What’s more, most of these present age timepieces are sufficiently waterproof whilst also pulling off to great effect a classy and elegant touch to a brand of watches more popularly known for their sporting exploits. borrows a leaf consisting of all these attributes forging replica Tag Heuer watches that can effectively carry the Tag Heuer title deservedly for a fraction of the original price tag.

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1, The retailer’s most coveted models include a Monaco Limited Tag Heuer Watch HY144 that takes on the idyllic air of modernity imbued with quartz chronography for accurate timekeeping and rubber straps for utmost comfort. The beautiful exterior is made up of a transparent square bezel complemented by a stylish crown, nicely patterned subdials and an obsidian face well coupled with constricting shades of orange.

2, Just as popular as its predecessor is the Carrera Caliber S which is another remarkable alteration born out of the high-octane series built for racers and common folk alike. It incorporates a sleek tachometer around the face, two banana-shaped subdials on either half of the body as well as an endearing strutting of orange and white above a silvery grey backdrop.

3, For that raw mechanical feel, look to the Link Caliber 16 Tag Heuer HY138 which does a great job of attaining that hardcore build. The straps are composed of nicely knitted stainless steel pieces while the bezel is home to a trio of subdials including an elegant date window on the 3 o’clock position. The recurring theme is a polished silver finished off by black and white subsections.

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Replica Tag Heuer Watches at Affordable Price

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Tag Heuer is one of the leading luxury watch brand. Its known for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovation. Tag Heuer time-pieces are known to be classic and elegant. Replica Tag Heuer watches by are crafted to perfection and adhere to the highest standards of genuineness. The best part about replica watches is that it’s almost impossible to distinguish it from their original versions. We are known for our attention to detail. A few of our best seller replica Tag Heuer watches from this series are: Monaco, Aqua racer and Formula 1.

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Dial: Black and the watch hands are silver in color

2, Tag Heuer Monaco Multicolor striped dial square case:

Movement: Quartz

Crown: The crown is ion plated, round made of stainless steel with Tag Heuer logo also silver colored smaller crowns

Band color: Black and is made of crocodile leather

Dial: Black and the watch hands are silver in color

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