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What? In Order To Sponsor The F1 Racing, Beer Merchant Heineken with TAG Heuer Actually Asked Consumers To Drink Less

The reverse marketing of Heineken wants you to drink less, drink slowly, or even never drink. The marketing method of any product is to evoke the desire for consumption, and thus stimulate the sales volume. However, Heineken, a Dutch brewer, first cooperated with internationally renowned DJs to promote “slow down, jump a little more”, and then sponsor the F1 event, and want fans to drink less. Although Heineken is a beer brand, it has always spared no effort in promoting rational drinking. In addition to the global subsidiaries, they must use 10% of the marketing budget every year. In 2014, Heineken found the world’s first DJ “Armin van Buuren” in the world, and jointly promoted the concept of “Dance More Drink Slow” to make the nightlife more exciting, and drink less will not cause a personal or social burden. The same propaganda technique continues to the later “Hero”. Through the independent…